Friday, November 11, 2011

Audubon Golf Course

Time: 37:07
Distance: 8.01k
Pace: 4:38

I had several solid visits for Karhu this afternoon scoping out potential new stores. Just as the day was coming to a close, I headed over to the Audubon Golf Course in Amherst, NY which is just outside of Buffalo. My trip to the great city of Buffalo, home of Duff's Wings, coincided with NCAA XC Northeast Regionals. There was no way that I was going to miss the meet if I had driven all the way out to Buffalo for work.

When I started to change into my running costume, it started hailing with tiny pieces of ice. I heard it snowed early in the morning in some surrounding communities, but this was not snow. The stuff hurt as it pelted your skin and especially during the moments when my shirt was off.

I finally got out on to the golf course which was soft but not buddy, and flat as can be. It would have been a really fast course had there not been a steady 15-20 mph constant breeze. Reports are for warmer weather, but more wind tomorrow so the race won't be fast. I ran what I thought was the men's 10k course, at least the first couple of loops before calling it a day. I did some strides at the end and chatted briefly with the University of Buffalo coach who helped put the course together.

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