Friday, November 4, 2011

Rockefeller State Park

Time: 78:12
Distance: 16.08k
Pace: 4:52

Meagan, Madeleine and I arrived to the main entrance of Rockefeller State Park well before the sun was up. Both Meagan and I were sporting our nerdy head lamps for the first 40 minutes of the run. It is always a good run at The Rockies and this was no difference. We thankfully had Madeleine to show us the way otherwise we would have been terribly lost due to the darkness and multiple trail splittings. I have run here three times now and have little clue as to where I am in the park. At times I recognize certain bridges or turns, but for the most part I let Mad do the leading.

The park was a little in disarray due to the recent snow storm that brought down several trees and more branches. On multiple occasions we ducked under or jumped over debris across the path. When we got back to the pond near the main entrance, Mad finished up while Meagan and I ran a few extra loops. We have a busy day planned today in NYC that won't allow us to double. We even got in some drills and strides afterward in the parking lot.

The rest of the day was spent going back and forth between publisher meetings. We met with Women's Heath, Runner's World/Running Times, Endurance and Footwear News. It was good to see that many thought Karhu is going in the right direction with our advances in technology and materials.

The day ended with drinks and dinner in Midtown with Jay, Lauren, Theoden, Mike & Pam, Alejandro, Bob Heck, and Scott Helms. We then walked up to the Runner's World party where Amby Burfoot was presented an award and I got to catch up with Dave Strassburg (Strassburg Sock). Next we took a cab down to Union Square with one of the grumpiest cabbies in NYC. He thought we smelled like garlic. He didn't smell too good either. The Puma Letsrun Party was an Ivy League event and I got to visit with Employee #1 (Emory Mort), the Brojos, Zac Hine and other hasbeens of the sport.

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