Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fill It Up Again

Time: 64:01
Distance: 15.36k

W/u: 14:30 for 2.64k
W/o: 8 x 300m on, 100m off, 600m on, 200m off
C/d: 14:58 for 2.57k

After bombing the workout in Marblehead this morning I made it into the Karhu offices to pick up some last minute supplies for my trip to upstate New York. I would be gone the rest of the week and visiting a bunch of accounts along the I-90 corridor. The first stop would be Fleet Feet Albany and the drive would take most of the afternoon. I arrived and introduced myself, got a feel for the store and asked about any run groups. It turns out the footwear buyer was going to be running a workout at the University of Albany later that evening and I asked if I could join. I wasn't concerned about what we were going to do, but I just wanted to have a bit of a redemption.

I arrived at the university track around 6 PM and found it to be buzzing with activity. The track team was just finishing up while two separate local run groups were arriving. I found Jim Sweeney and we warmed up with a buddy in one of the groups. The warm up was rather short, but the workout would allow me to find a early rhythm.

65.09 (30.97), 2:19.72 (53.96); 60.60 (29.73), 2:00.15 (65.60);
61.00 (31.44), 2:00.46 (63.49); 60.10 (32:00), 2:00.48 (65.20);
60.15 (31.98), 1:59.29 (64.93); 59.92 (30.08), 2:00.05 (63.55);
58.75 (30.02), 2:00.33 (59.62); 59.96 (30.12), 1:44.65 for 35:33 total and 10.15k

This was a continuous effort alternating uptempo 300m repeats with a 100m jog, then going into 600m uptempo with 200m jog. Or you could look at it as split 1200m continuous repeats. We ended up having to run in lane 3 as some members of the track team were running an official workout. I'd say it added 1 sec. for every turn of an interval.

The splits were all relatively even minus the first one as Jim and I struggled to find the right pace. We worked well sharing the leads and running alongside evenly. On the final 600m I really opened up the pace the final lap and ended up running 15 seconds faster. I don't know what the final 400m was, but my goal was 65 seconds. It was probably closer to 68.

I felt much better after successfully finishing this workout. There was nothing too crazy about the pace, but I got in some solid work around 5:20/mile pace. I'm glad to have joined the group for this one and will have to do it again the next time I'm in Albany.

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