Friday, November 18, 2011


One of the best times of the year is "Heps season" which fortunately occurs three times a year with the cross-country, indoor and outdoor Ivy League Championships. In a most unbiased plug, one of the best, if not best, conference specific track sites exists in I follow the site via my RSS feed and recently saw that the site administrator, Brett Hoover, made a post about the "Slowest Heps' Race Ever." I happened to be in that race where the winner ran 4:15 and change. That's for the 1500m, not the mile. Pretty damn slow!

Hoover asked for more information on the race so I responded with a quick recap of my memories. My comments were posted on Hepstrack and then today the winner of the race, Josh Yelsey, provided video evidence of it:

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allensroadtoboston said...

Big elbow to the back! Amazing feat just to maintain your balance - that's about as far as one can bend forward without taking a spill. Cool video. Oh and nice buzz cut - I think you should resurrect it.