Friday, November 18, 2011

Marblehead Tempo with Cait Chris

Time: 93:28
Distance: 22.21

W/u: 26:57 for 5.52k
W/o: 13k+ playing queenmaker
C/d: 15:20 for 3.22k

Last night I picked up Red from Logan and we made our way back to Fort Sewall (apparently I've been spelling it "Sewell" which is incorrect according to the signs on the fort, but correct according to Google Maps. The debate goes on). Caitlin is going to be hanging out with us this weekend and checking out our new haunts and jaunts. It would be just like old times as this morning's workout would involve me setting the pace for 8+ miles around the Marblehead neck. This would be Caitlin's first workout back after two weeks of light running which fit perfectly into Meagan's week of training.

The route would have us start from the corner of Atlantic and Beach near a house that we almost rented before deciding on the fort. We would run across the causeway, loop the neck thrice and then run back to the almost rented house. I wasn't sure on the distance, but it would be close to being appropriate.

3:43.8, 3:45.4, 3:54.7, 3:44.3, 3:50.5, 3:49.8, 3:50.3, 3:55.6, 3:51.7, 3:39.3, 3:42.6, 3:46.5, 3:50.8, 1:46.3 (.47k @ 3:45 pace) for 51:11 and 13.47k total, and a 3:48/k average.

I had hoped to start the workout a little more controlled but a strong wind at our backs got the pace rolling early. There was an early moment of alarm when some guys must have been emptying a septic tank and the air smelled of shit. Not "smelled like shit" in this is a bad smell, but, literally, like shit. Our breathing soon welcomed a fishy seaweed smell a few hundred meters later and was overly enjoyed. The second kilometer was hit just before the most significant hill that we would run three times. Caitlin and Meagan trailed closely behind as I attempted to block the wind with my large frame. We finished the first loop of the neck which brought us close to 5k.

During the second tour of some of Marblehead's largest homes, Meagan and I found ourselves pulling slightly away from Caitlin. I could tell that Meagan was going to have a great run while Caitlin was going to struggle a bit on the uphills as her iron levels haven't returned to normal. I dropped back and let Meagan press on while coaxing Red to keep up an honest pace. She ran really tough from 7k to 9k willing herself to stay on pace. We started the third loop together about 30 meters behind Meagan as I wanted to get Cait to the top of the hill. Once I felt she was going to be able to finish up strong, I raced ahead to set the pace for Meagan (see 3:39 split).

With a little more than a neck loop to run plus the finishing straight out the causeway, I wanted to see what Meagan could run. We upped the effort level and she clicked off some nice final splits and even told me to speed up as we pressed into a strong headwind. I was already running pretty hard when she said, "I can run faster." The 3:50 split was probably the toughest of the day and worth much more. She finished out the final street with some lift and ended just over 51 minutes, similar to a few weeks ago when she ran near the Ipswich bike path. I would say that this workout was better considering the rolling terrain, wind and slightly longer workout. Moving in the right direction, just have to stay healthy..

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