Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bombed It!

Time: 65:05
Distance: 14.76k

W/u: 21:18 for 4.55k
W/o: 6 x 1k in 3:00 w/ 2 min rest

The hope for this workout to get in some work so I don't completely get embarrassed down in Austin. I wasn't expecting much, but this was an absolutely abysmal showing. I never felt relaxed aerobically and my legs couldn't handle the pace. I hope it was due to the colder morning and my body wasn't warmed up or awake. I know I can handle this type of effort as the pace isn't ridiculous.

3:07.5 (2:01), 3:09.0 (2:00), 3:14.5 blah!

Ran 30:16 home to lick my wounds and do some strides.

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