Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Are Penn State

Time: 66:53
Distance: 14.59k
Pace: 4:35

If I had told you a month ago that I ran through State College, PA, you might have asked, "Where is that?" I'm pretty certain you know where State College is located now that Joe Paterno is out as the coach of Penn State's football team.

Meagan and I drove from Marblehead to State College yesterday with a quick stop in Hartford, CT to visit a running shop. It was a long day in the car to say the least, but we made it safely to the Residence Inn a few miles from campus. The drive itself was pretty until it got dark around 5 PM and the hills around us were obscured by darkness. Other eventful happenings in the car included our cat, Weezy, pooping before even leaving Marblehead and peeing on a towel/blanket combo before getting through Boston. It was a shaky start to the trip. And, yes, I just told you about our cat in my running blog. Keep reading.

For the run I just looked at a map of our surrounding area on my trusty iPad and I headed out the side door of the hotel with Meagan. We ran through campus and saw the stadium, the famous ice creamery, Joe Paterno library and golf course. Just when we found a nice little bike path to run on, it was time to turn around. On the way back to the hotel we ran past the downtown area with a mix of locally owned restaurants and shops, and Urban Outfitters/Chipotle type establishments. We also saw where NBC was parked out in front of the iconic Penn State building where they had some breaking news: "This just in, Jerry Sandusky is still a pervert."

Trivia question:
Joe Paterno and Chris Berman (ESPN) are both Brown University graduates. But, who is arguably the most famous individual associated with football who went to Brown?

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