Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hilliest. Run. Ever

Time: 74:20
Distance: 13.50k
Pace: 5:30

I visited the Finger Lakes Running Co. yesterday in Ithaca and had a good chat with the owner Ian Golden. He looked like a runner and I asked where the best spots in town to run were. He offered to take me out for a spin the next day if I were up for it. I'm rarely not but for a run. Unless I'm injured, I'll definitely lace up the boots.

I ended up driving to his place the next afternoon to run from his house which is just outside of town. We ran from his porch to the Robert Treman State Park which I'm sure goes by something else if you live in Ithaca. As you know, "Ithaca is gorges" or so they say and that was reinforced today. The first half of the run was almost entirely down hill along a trail near a gorge. We chatted about college running, ultra running, the running industry and more as we wound down the trail deeper into the gorge. At the bottom we checked out the views back up the mountain.

I knew the run back up was going to be painful, but I wasn't ready for the stairs that awaited at the top. My quads were screaming as we shuffled along at a pace barely faster than a walk. The steps made sections nearly unbearable, but I was able to hang on until the top. My lungs didn't burn as much as I would have thought, however all the power from my legs was gone. After the workout on Tuesday night, the longer run yesterday and today's hilly ass jaunt, I'm in need of a rest day.

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