Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back at State College

Time: 60:53
Distance: 13.01k
Pace: 4:41

Meagan and I left Mason, OH a few hours after the long run which made for an interesting drive back to State College. We were sure to drink lots of fluids which meant Meagan was asking to stop every hour. I was able to safely bring us to the Residence Inn where we stayed for the evening.

In the morning, we were up and out the door for a run through Penn State. This time we were much more direct in getting over to the bike path near the golf course. Somehow we took a slightly different route and ended up running what seemed to be part of a cross-country course. The trail ran out just was the clock hit 31 minutes and we turned heading for the hotel. It was a smart move to get the long run done on Saturday so today we could run an easy hour and get back on the road for Marblehead.

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