Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week in Review

Time: 727:41
Distance: 160.15k

Another good week of training in the books that didn't feature anything too extraordinary in terms of big workouts. I'm just pleased to be logging some good weeks so I can flip the switch when needed. I'm waiting for the first big challenge to come my way before really pressing the envelope. I've been content to pace Meagan's workouts and then try to do something a little extra for myself. I can't be too selfish as she has the big race coming up.

This week also featured a key visit from Caitlin and a great trip down to Providence. We were able to show her our new digs, neighborhood and introduce her to many of our friends. The trip down to Providence was fun to recharge the batteries and see old places where I used to run. Meagan and I will have to do it again soon, but it might not happen before the lover "Kim & Pat" go off to New Zealand for the winter.

The final piece that should be mentioned is that Meagan and I have just completed our third week of attempting to eat gluten free. Why? Because it's so en vogue right now. Doesn't everybody have a case of celiacs disease right now or a gluten intolerance? I'm not trying to diminish any real symptoms, but "gluten free" has become what "no trans-fats" was a few years ago. In all seriousness, Meagan and I thought we would give it a try to see if we would notice any difference as others have recommended it highly.

So far, I feel the same. The same as far as not being able to eat anything goes. No pasta. No bread. No bagels. No beer. Yea right! I'm "gluten free + beer" as that component wasn't being taken out. And don't try to get me to eat or drink gluten free equivalents to those items. Taste is still of a concerns and I don't want to eat dirt. We also have a rule which includes "don't be an asshole." So if you go to a friends birthday party and they are serving lasagna, you eat the lasagna so as to not offend. It may sound wishy washy and it might be, but we have actually had many days where no gluten has been consumed. Yea for us!

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Valentine's Run said...

interested to see how the gluten free develops.