Sunday, November 13, 2011

Boston Long Run

Time: 107:57
Distance: 26.40k
Pace: 4:05

After a late night arrival back to Marblehead, it was an somewhat early departure to meet up with friends in Boston. Did you know that Buffalo is basically in Canada? And that it's close to 500 miles from Marblehead? That was a looonng solo drive.

I'm almost embarrassed by the fact that our trip into Boston was our first official trip into the city together since moving to MA. We'll have to do more of it as today's run was pretty ideal. We ended up parking and getting ready at Betsy Burke's house and then were off to meet some of her training partners who compete for the BAA (Boston Athletic Association). It was a short jog to the Charles where Betsy and Meagan met up with 5 or 6 other very fit looking women. Introductions were brief as we all started running soon after arriving. I only got to run about 100m with everyone as I had to meet Jeff Gaudette of Runners Connect.

Once Jeff and I linked up we turned and were off to try and find another guy who runs for the BAA. The only description I had was that he was tall, skinny and finishing up his PhD at Harvard. As we approached the pedestrian bridge several minutes late I saw a tall, skinny dude who looked pretty fit to be starting his run. We figured that it had to be Will and the pace immediately dropped in hopes of catching him. It took us about a mile to run him down with an awkward question of, "are you Will?"

The three of us ran over to Jamaica Pond before Jeff headed home and Will and I returned to the Charles for some additional distance near Cambridge. The pace clipped along at points and felt fast at times, but that's mostly because my runs are with Meagan. Not to knock her training, but my easy days are really easy. It was good to get out and run with Will who is getting ready for Club Cross in Seattle sometime in December.

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