Friday, November 11, 2011

Cornell Easy Run

Time: 69:35
Distance: 14.99k
Pace: 4:39

After a fun night out with DeCoste and Matt Crimmin (former teammates at Brown), I was up to find a relatively flat route around Ithaca to run. Probably easier said than done. I ran to campus and near the athletic facilities before crossing one of the gorges via a footbridge. Soon, signs for Cayuga Heights presented themselves and a road running along a ridge. The neighborhood was quiet and lots of deer were grazing by the side of the road. On two occasions I got within 4 or 5 feet of a family of 3 deer wandering the roads. They didn't seemed all that concerned with my presence which means they will soon be a hood ornament.

In search of a few more kilometers I found the Village of Lansing that seemed to be all of 100 homes. I was just looking to add on a touch more before heading back to Ithaca when I found a side path that I thought would lead back to near where I ran out. Not so much. I ended up having to run along a highway for a solid chunk of time, but I did make it back to campus. It's just that I didn't know where I was once I was back at Cornell.

I ultimately found my way back to DeCoste's apartment and was able to get all prepped for another long day on the road. Next up was Rochester and Buffalo to see new stores and meet new people.

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