Tuesday, November 29, 2011

EMS Bushwhacking

Time: 55:08
Distance: 6.88k
Pace: 8:01/k

After my workout this morning, I picked up the Karhu CEO and we drove to Peterborough, NH where we had a meeting with Eastern Mountain Sports' (EMS) footwear buyer. We showed him the collection of shoes and got to see their flagship store under the corporate headquarters. When we wrapped everything up, it was time for a run.

We all changed into our running costumes and headed off for the trails. I was content to run slow and recover after this morning's workout, but I wasn't prepared to bushwhack through the woods of New Hampshire. We started out on a bike path that was groomed and perfectly flat, but soon we turned off on what kinda looked like a trail. I followed behind as we ran over puddles, rock, roots, bushes and ducked under tree branches. We soon came to a pond where our options were to either run around or go out and back along a nearby trail. We chose to loop the pond which was going fine until we lost the trail and spent a good 10 minutes wandering through the woods looking for the right direction. My feet were proper soaked after tromping through some mud, but overall it was a good time. The footwear buyer, myself and our CEO were able to chat about many things running, shoes and the industry. Next time though, I'm bringing our new trail shoe which debuts in fall 2012 even if I have to cram my foot into a size 9.

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