Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lil' Bro Shakeout

Time: 23:53
Distance: 4.38k
Pace: 5:27

Upon arriving to Mason, OH around 7 PM after another long day in the car, Meagan and I knew that if we had any hopes of running decent at the turkey trot we needed to shakeout the legs. This gave my little brother an opportunity to put on his shoes and come out for a jog with us. He's intrigued with the sport and has run a few 5ks recently with our uncle Dave. Tonight he was plenty glad to be running along with Meagan and I as we illuminated the streets with our nerdy headlamps. He clomped alongside us with his Converse basketball shoes making it impossible for him to ever sneak up on someone.

Our loop took us from the house, through the neighborhood park, by the high school and back to the house just under 5k total. It was just what we needed to end the day with family after driving another 400 miles.

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