Thursday, November 10, 2011

Old Erie Canal

Time: 101:20
Distance: 24.07k
Pace: 4:13

After arriving in Syracuse late last night I looked up places to run in town. I didn't have an appointment scheduled until early in the afternoon which gave me ample to explore one of the many places I found on the intertubes. The best girls cross-country team is from Fayetteville-Manlius and after hearing Bill Aris speak about all of the places to train nearby, I was off to find at least one venue.

I ended up at the Old Erie Canal which must run for close to 40 miles if not more. I parked and set off from the 3 mile mark along the trail. It was perfectly flat crushed gravel and lined with trees. I shuffled along feeling stiff from last night's workout. Gradually I loosened up and the sun warmed my muscles making it easier to float along. I originally just wanted to run out 8k and then run back, but since the weather and path were so nice I couldn't pass up the opportunity to run more. I decided to hit the 10k point and reassess how I was feeling. The 10k mark came and went so I ended up turning at 12k which just so happened to be near Chittenango, home of the one and only Ozzie Myers.

At the turn around I started to feel fatigued, fortunately I had the wind at my back for the next 30 minutes as the pace gradually dropped. I never pressed though I consciously upped the tempo between 12k and 20k. The return trip along the canal went much faster and I was back at the parking lot in no time. After a light stretch I was off to get cleaned up and make introductions with Fleet Feet Syracuse.

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