Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Silver Springs' Paint Branch Park

Time: 79:47
Distance: 17.45k
Pace: 4:34

Meagan and I had a lovely time at the Residence Inn just outside of Washington, DC where we decided to stop last night. Don't tell authorities that we sneaked our cat into the room simply to avoid a $75-$100 fee. She's de-clawed! In the morning we ventured off to a trail I spotted on Google Maps. I wasn't sure how far the path would run, but it was going to be better than running loops in a random neighborhood. Loops in a neighborhood were unfortunately a part of this run as we look for extra distance, but fortunately we found the better side of the Paint Branch Park path.

We ultimately ended up at the Martin Luther King Recreation Park which unlike most MLK Blvds across the country was quite nice. I don't want to come off in the wrong way, but in my experience (SF, OKC, Dallas, LA, DC) when you see MLK Blvd. you become a little more cautious of your surroundings. In contrast, this park was quite nice with ample running/walking paths, lots of trees, ball fields and a lake. We should have come in this direction in the first place, but that will have to wait until the next time we stay at the Silver Springs Residence Inn.

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