Friday, November 18, 2011

Some Evening 800s

Time: ~34 minutes
Distance: ~6.8k

W/u: 13:50 for 2.66k
W/o: 2 x 800m w/ 400m jog
C/d: 13:xx for 2k or so (messed up the Garmin)

Meagan and I headed out the door for what she thought was going to be a little shakeout run. I had other ideas that included hitting up the track and running two hard 800m intervals. Nothing crazy fast, but something to turn the legs over so I'm not totally stale when I have to race in Austin.

We hit the track and after a lap of jogging the turns, striding the straights, I shed my jacket for the mini workout. Meagan would be giving me 200m splits which is a bit of an overkill but much appreciated.

Splits (a little messed up):
2:24.04 (72/72), (2:19 jog), 2:21 (73/68) for 7:04 total and 2k.

I wouldn't say I felt great, but it was nice to run with long strides and strong arms. The pace definitely felt fast as I looked to increase the tempo each 200m. The second interval had me coming through the 400m a bit off pace which remained the same until the final 200m where I dropped a 33. That 33 felt like a 23 telling me I have some work to do.

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