Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Earlier this week and mentioned that Meagan and I had made a little bet about my running health. It was 35 days ago when she bet me that I wouldn't be healthy on 11/15/08. Looks like she was wrong, and she has been punished for doubting me because she is the one who is hurt. Take that.

Anyway, the deal was that if I lost the bet, I would have to get rid of the nipple rings. However, if I won the bet I could get another tattoo. Since today is 11/15/08 I've been looking at some options. David Beckham has some pretty sweet ink, but so does this guy. He also has some pretty sweet piercings, maybe I could get a package deal. I have a lot to decide in terms of placement. There are traditional places to get tattoos like your arms and back. But, I kinda like the thinking of this guy. Pretty clever. I could get one on my ribs (of my ribs?), or on my head (read: Stephon Marbury), or even on my neck (read: Allen Iverson). We talking about practice? How about, not getting a job!

I'm clearly not decided on what to get, there are so many options out there. I need to explore this some more, I'm open to suggestions. Let's hear what you got.


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Get more than one. A lot more.