Monday, July 4, 2011

Accidental Monday Long Run

Time: 87:32
Distance: 19.04k
Pace: 4:35

I wasn't sure how far I wanted to run this morning when I set out the door with Meagan to meet Caitlin, but I didn't have 19k in mind (21k is 13.1 miles). On our way to Freedom Park we ran into a fit looking Michelle and Carolyn along the Sugar Creek Greenway. The four of us heading into the park and met up with Red while looking for our guest Julia Lucas (wife of Ian Dobson, Olympian and former Stanford standout). She is in town visiting her family and had contacted Caitlin looking for running partners.

We ran around the Booty Loop as a group while Caitlin and Julia talked about their "boring stories of glory days" competing for Wake Forest and NC State. The pace was comfortable and my leg was feeling quite good so I continued to tag along as the sole male. Eventually Michelle and Carolyn dropped off and then Caitlin peeled off for home. Meagan, Julia and I ran over near Rebecca Thomason's house before making a beeline for home. I was putting in more k's than my official Sunday long run which wasn't intentional, but just going to happen.

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