Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Running With Red

Time: 68:55
Distance: 15.35k
Pace: 4:29

I ran with Caitlin this morning at an hour that I would rather being sitting at my desk drinking coffee and doing work. We linked up in Freedom Park and continued on the Booty Loop where it looks like they are still doing construction on parts of the Queens Road West. Hopefully they will be finished in time for 24 Hours of Booty which comes up in a few weeks. I think this was similar to last year when they put in bike lanes on Selwyn right around the weekend of the event.

This leads me to ask, is it just me or does Myers Park/Booty Loop living residents get preferential treatment when it comes to city construction projects? It seems that any time a tree falls, a road develops a crack, a sewer line bursts, etc., the city crews are out there to fix it in a matter of days if not hours. The roads are always perfect and maybe they should be since I'm sure you pay out the ass in taxes to live in that neighborhood. However, there are certainly parts of Charlotte that are constantly overlooked when it comes to maintaining roads (i.e. Independence Blvd, Wilkinson).

I felt decent on this morning's run, but the weather isn't much better than yesterday, if at all. I am taking my 15k and hydrating the rest of the day.

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The Un-Retired Runner said...

Haha they absolutely get special treatment. That's Charlotte's "old money" section/the people who run the city. I also have a theory that they intentionally made the streets names confusing in an effort to keep people from driving through there...