Sunday, July 31, 2011

To the Top

Time: 108:40
Distance: 25.02k
Pace: 4:20

The Sunday long run. It's a staple in every runner's workout schedule and I remember some classic long runs with some good Santa Rosa runners over the years. I didn't have anyone to run with today, but I was committed to running up Marsh Trail which is one helluva climb. My former high school teammate Steve Laurie and I would occasionally run to the top via Marsh when we were younger.

I started from my mom's place and headed to Howarth Park over to Annadel. The run starts the exact same way as most of the I've been doing this week, except when you get to the top of Canyon Trail, you turn right and head farther up Marsh. Being a Sunday, there were quite a few mountain bikers and trail runners on the trail ahead of me in both directions. I scampered past them with a little acknowledgement of the hand.

For stat purposes, at the 5k mark the elevation was 100m and by the 12k mark I was at 424m. It's a long steady and relentless climb to the top which levels out slightly in a few places. It really is a great trail and I wish there were something remotely similar in Charlotte, but I haven't found it yet. Maybe Crowders or Kings Mountain, but that requires a decent drive which I'm not into for running.

I contemplated running back on Warren Richardson, but opted to visit Lake Ilsanjo and descend via Canyon. It was a bit of a lame tactic, but I really didn't want to extend my kilometers any more than necessary. The final 30 minutes were run at a good tempo and I got back to the house feeling like I had put in a great week of training. All I need to do is duplicate this sort of effort for 10-20 weeks and I'll be in good form.

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