Monday, July 11, 2011

Bonk Monday

Time: 66:29
Distance: 15.46k
Pace: 4:17

Let's start with the individual k splits for todays run:
4:49 - a little quicker out the door than usual
4:24 - body must be warmed up already
4:22 - settling into a rhythm
4:19 - not trying to run any faster
4:26 - must have run up a hill
4:05 - must have run down a hill
4:12 - settling back into a nice pace
4:06 - just maintaining
4:03 - maintaining pace but starting to get hot
4:10 - starting second loop of Booty. Definitely hot
4:04 - trying to just keep it together after stopping for water
4:14 - signs that I'm starting to struggle
4:14 - felt like I was walking approaching the trail near Myers Park HS. Took off my shirt as an excuse to stop.
4:41 - absolutely tapped running up to Selwyn
4:15 - struggling to get back to the house and immediately jump in the pool

It doesn't look like a typical bonk, but I was finished. I had no power left as I attempted to climb the slight hill up to Selwyn. I was shuffling along just hoping not to melt. I later learned the dew point was 74 which is up there especially when I'm not all that fit. I stopped multiple times during the run to get water which provided brief relief, but I knew the run was going to turn out ugly. The positive is that I got in my 15k and will gear up to do it all over again tomorrow. The negative is that tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter.

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