Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt Island

Time: 77:37
Distance: 15.97k
Pace: 4:51

Meagan and I made the drive up to DC yesterday with a brief stop in Richmond, VA to visit Disco Sports. They are all about their Orthaheel sandals which is awesome to see. Our friend Jilane made a great Mexican dinner in honor of my presence and I got to see some friends that live in our nation's capital.

Come morning, it was time to lace up the shoes and head out for a run. Running in DC is one of the best urban venues for the sport. There are countless trails and bike paths to run along and it's always fun to sight see all of the monuments during the run. Today we decided that it would be cool to visit Teddy Roosevelt Island where our 26th President has his monument. I had never been out on the island's trails or seen the monument so it was cool to do both all at once. After running through the National Mall we made our way across into Virginia and onto the island for a single loop around the trail.

I gotta call out our host for her lack of fitness, but it was fun times being in the city with a great friend and touring Washington DC. Actually, it was good to just be running again in general. There were all sorts of tourists out walking from monument to monument which we did in less than 90 minutes: Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII, Teddy Roosevelt, and some others I'm forgetting.


Jilane said...

1) something about biting the hand that feeds you, jordan...

2) i blame dehydration to the extreme since i got through 10.5 with MRN just fine last month and my stomach was in shambles for the rest of the day. nuun straight into the veins ever since.

3) all that aside, i offered a bed, food, clean shower and parking pass. double digit runs were not promised at any time.

JoKin said...

1) i had to check if you were still reading.

2) don't forget about providing a hamster to play with.

3) i still love you.

whenever you need more nuun, you know who to call.