Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taken for Granted

Time: 86:43
Distance: 20.01
Pace: 4:20

I basically ran the same loop as yesterday but I felt much better this morning. I'm not sure if it was I was properly caffeinated at Starbucks or if I just got a better sleep. On the run this morning I recognized how lucky I was to have grown up running on these trails. It's what made me good as a youth runner. It's what makes the best runners in Santa Rosa great and the average ones better than most. It's no wonder that Santa Rosa has consistently produced talented cross country and track athletes over the years. I also wondered how it was possible for some runners to be so bad having the same access to the park as everyone else.

I didn't have a single kilometer run over 5:00 minutes (8:00/mile pace) which includes the hills. I have discovered that looking on the elevation profile on Garmin's website doesn't do the hills justice as everything is in the metric system. The elevation at 5.01k is 109m and at 8.07k it's 234m. That doesn't seem like much of a climb until you make the conversion or if you're familiar with meters. It's roughly climbing 100 feet per kilometer which is tougher than 100 feet per mile that is often used as a toughness guide. The elevation chart also appears weaker due to the metric system which I don't like.

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