Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back on the Track (Sorta)

Time: 68:59
Distance: 15.57k

W/u: 36:57 for 8.27k
W/o: 2 sets of 5 x 200 (200 jog)
C/d: 15:21 for 3.01k

I wasn't motivated to get out the door this morning with the heat and humidity that awaited me. Instead I holed up inside doing work all day. Eventually it came time to get in some kilometers and to hold myself accountable I tweeted that I would be doing some 200m strides on the AG track. I should also mention that today was perhaps the hottest day of the year so I busted out a new Revenge 2 Bottle Belt, filled it with cold water and headed out the door. I have run with many FuelBelt products in the past, but mostly handhelds. It was about time that I actually ran with a FuelBelt to see how they perform other than just jogging around a store to demonstrate the fit. I was quite impressed that the belt didn't alter my stride at all or bounce around.

I took a long 8k warm up sipping on water the entire way to the Alexander Graham Middle School track. I was delighted to see others out there working out: Thomas, Michelle, Carolyn, Paul Martino, Jamaar and Christi. They were all doing lengthy intervals that I wanted no part of in this heat. Last summer I struggled to do any workout when the interval length was over 3 minutes. Since I'm out of shape and it's hot I kept the workout to some longer strides of 200m.

(51.64) 34.60, (59.27) 34.16, (59.52) 33.22, (61.40) 33.30, (61.23) 34.55,
(1:56) 34.48, (60.40) 34.27, (62.14) 33.26, (65.08) 33.27, 66.28) 32.50
16:41 total for 4.29k

I had originally planned to run 10 consecutive intervals but the heat was just too much. I took a longer rest in the middle to grab some water and cool off. It was good to turn the legs over for the first time in several weeks. The pace wasn't all that impressive but I was running very relaxed lifting the knees. I know where I'm at and where I want to be in the coming months.

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