Friday, July 29, 2011

Tired 200s

Time: 79:32
Distance: 17.51k

W/u: 37:21 for 8.08k
W/o: 10 x 200 (200 jog)
C/d: 25:32 for 5.43k

I helped move some of my mom's stuff to her new place and didn't get out the door to go running until the afternoon. None of the furniture was that heavy, but some of it was awkward to carry. After having recovered mostly from a week of hilly running, I wanted to get back on the track to run some light 200s. It didn't go so well for whatever reason. The mileage has been higher, I've been a little stressed and not getting as much sleep and I helped move stuff this morning. Those are my excuses for not running fast. I had intended to run 20 x 200, but after failing to get my legs rolling, I stopped at 10.

(52.76) 36.58, (56.50) 35.28, (54.50) 34.30, (55.52) 34.30, (56.78) 34.50,
(59.52) 33.08, (55.30) 33.55, (56.37) 33.13, (56.82) 32.92, (55.08) 32.79 for 14.59 and 4k total.

How is that for unimpressive? I started with a 36 and followed that up with a 35. Fortunately, my last 5 splits were halfway respectable and I felt 33s and 32s were no more difficult. I could have continued to get to 20, but I was seeing the splits I wanted. My lungs were fine, the legs just would go. I packed it in and geared up for another day.

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