Saturday, July 16, 2011

Run to RFYL

Time: 49:24
Distance: ~11k

Mr. Garmin's battery life is pathetic right now which doesn't make any sense because I had it repaired a few weeks ago. They sent me a new watch, but I've noticed I can run for maybe 3 hours total before the battery starts getting under 20%. When I first got the watch I could run close to 8 hours before even thinking about charging the watch.

I had intentions of getting up to watch the Dilworth 4 Miler but that just didn't happen. Instead I rolled over to Run For Your Life around 10 am to hang out with Brooks Guru, Sarah Swiss. It looked fairly busy, but there were no signs of a race being held a few hours prior. The break down must have been quick!

I added on a little longer on the way back to bring my total to just over 10k. I'll be running a bit more at Beat the Heat tonight so I was just looking to get in some easy time on the feet. My right shin was a little sore today after being on the track.

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