Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to My Roots

Time: 78:31
Distance: 18.07k
Pace: 4:20

My mom picked me up at the Carneros Inn last night and we headed back to Santa Rosa. I was up early because I still think that I'm on the lovely east coast. Since my mom currently doesn't have the internet set up, I was off to find a Starbucks. The one I usually frequent on my visits home is under construction which I think calls for a sternly worded letter for making it incredibly inconvenient for me to be productive in an efficient manner.

It all worked out as I found a good spot in Bennett Valley a few miles from home. I got a bunch of work done before lacing up the shoes and heading off for the hills. I entered Annadel State Park from the Parktrail entrance and ran up Canyon Trail to Lake Ilsanjo. It was great to be up at the top of the lake again and brought back memories from high school and training during the summers when I was home from Brown University.

I was incredibly sore from the run in San Rafael which I think was due to the descents. I was fine climbing up the hills but my quads screamed running back down Canyon. If you look at the elevation profile of this run, it looks like a large plateau. A long gradual ascent, flat middle section and long gradual descent back to the neighborhoods below.

I was hoping to get 20k worth of work, but ended up calling it a morning at the 18k mark. I didn't feel like finding 2k back near the Starbucks so I called it.

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