Thursday, July 14, 2011

Myers Park 200s

Time: 69:00
Distance: 15.70k

W/u: 36:57 for 8.19k
W/o: 10 x 200m w/ 200 jog
C/d: 17:25 for 3.51k

I left the house a little earlier than usual as I had an event with Omega Sports later in the evening. I felt like duplicating the workout I did on Tuesday since the weather was much nicer. The temps were about 20 degrees cooler with less humidity and a much lower dew point. I knew I was going to run faster, but I wasn't sure how I would feel after a relatively short rest period. The workout really isn't that long and I can always fake 200s.

(54.26) 35.08, (54.74) 33.38, (53.94) 32.43, (56.10) 32.51, (53.90) 31.95,
(55.52) 32.83, (54.62) 32.30, (56.08) 32.65, (56.35) 32.30, (55.45) 31.61
14:38 total for 4k (3:35 average)

The splits and workout went better than expected. I kept the rest well under 60 seconds and my 200s were respectable. I started a little slow because I didn't do any strides. The Myers Park HS track was unlocked as maintenance was weed whacking the perimeter. I was a little worried after dropping a 35, but then things started to click. I ran relaxed 32s and 33s for the remainder of the intervals.

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