Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Columns Drive

Time: 68:16
Distance: 15.06k
Pace: 4:32

Meagan is back at it today and joined me on the run at the trails. It was hot again and we were soaked with sweat by the time we reached the dirt. Starting out and ending along Columns Drive was nice as it was a good way to have the pace start/end faster. Pavement used to be my downfall in high school and college, but now it's become my race surface. I've hardened my bones and muscles to accept the impact.

I should note that Columns Dr. is only about 3k in distance each way, but that doesn't deter rookie cyclists from riding back and forth along the flat stretch of road. We must have passed and been passed by the same group of old timers three or four times. If you have ever run with me out at McMullen, then you know I get pissed at the cyclists riding their cheap hybrids along a two mile stretch.

I didn't feel great on the run, but a little better than yesterday. I'm still just looking to put time in and grab small fitness gains.

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