Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long Day on the Road

Time: 50:03
Distance: 11.01k
Pace: 4:32

Today was busy, busy, busy. I was lucky to have the energy to even run, but I was somewhat inspired by the runners completing 50 miles in the Hilton Head heat.

I was up foolishly early in order to get to Evans, GA for a hydration clinic with Fleet Feet North Augusta. I was on the road a little after 4 am to get to the event by about 7. The drive actually went smoothly and I didn't struggle too much to keep the ol' eyelids open. I gave a clinic to about4o individuals and sampled a ton of Nuun to everyone. I think we actually ran out of product from my bottles which rarely happens.

I was back on the road destined for Hilton Head, SC by about 9 am. The route I took brought me through the Savannah River Site. At the time I didn't know I was driving through a nuclear facility, but did take notice of the "do not stop, except for emergencies" sign. There was a good 30 mile stretch where everything felt a little different. I don't know if it was the vibe put off by the sheer power of what takes place there or the radiation. Either way I survived without growing or losing any limbs.

I arrived in Hilton Head around noon and rolled up to Rockfish Bikes where I immediately filled a Nuun cooler for the athletes. Since I was arriving late, the relay teams had already come by, but I only had to wait about 20 minutes before the first solo competitor arrived. He was at mile 35 and looking awesome. In fact, he was wearing a FuelBelt Revenge Belt so I should have known this guy would win. Just as he was getting ready to leave the check in point/water station, his wife asked him what else he needed. He responded with, "beer." She was a little taken aback but he insisted, "I'm at mile 35, it's 96 degrees, I'm winning. I want a beer." She went and got him one from the car.

I cheered all of the runners through the 35 mile water stop including Tim Waz who is the co-owner of the Palmetto Running Company and the loony who decided to organize a 50 mile race the third week of July in Hilton Head. The Cremator Ultra 50 was what he came up with. During the interim I visited a couple of my other accounts in town to drop off the new Balega catalog and then I headed over to the last check in station and eventually the finish line. I couldn't believe that these guys had been out on a three loop course in the middle of summer running 50 miles. I wanted no part of it, but I did want/need to get in a run.

I laced up the shoes and ventured out for 50 minutes. That was all I could handle. I was tired from the early wake up call and drained from driving all day. I was happy to get in some time on the feet and even happier to call it a day. I was back on the road destined for home by 7 pm for an ETA of 10:30 pm. Loooong day.

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