Thursday, July 21, 2011

Real Athletes with James Haycraft

Time: 49:06
Distance: 9.00k

W/u: 25:25 for 5.35k
W/o: 6 x 300m w/ (200m jog)
C/d: 14:07 for 2.75k

Meagan and I were hanging out at Inside-Out Sports much of the day giving James a hard time. He recently placed 3rd in the Stumpy Creek Olympic Distance and somehow managed to win the Stumpy Creek spring the following day. Congrats to him.

I learned that he's been doing many of his run on the treadmill because he's a triathlete and zero tolerance for pain. Meagan and I invited him to join us on a run this evening but he was supposed to do a light workout. I wasn't going to accept any excuse for him to back out so I said I would run with him. He was over at our place right at 6:15 pm and we were off to the AG.

We ran just over 5k as a warm up and then went straight into the pickups on the backstretch.

56 (58), 55 (59), 53 (62), 54 (62), 52 (64), 49

My legs were tired but loose from the heat so I was able to rattle off these splits feeling fairly comfortable. I was never really straining and just tried to find a rhythm to click off a quicker pace. James hung tough, but was no match for this real athlete. Meagan watched in amazement while she did drills and strides. She just wishes one day she could be as fast, chiseled and arrogant as us.