Sunday, July 10, 2011

Davidson College Trails

Time: 76:23
Distance: 16.02k
Pace: 4:44

Barefoot Running: 10:00 for 1.94k

Meagan is getting tired of running her long runs at McAlpine and I don't blame her. There are only so many loops that can be made out there especially when you just worked out at the park the day before. Earlier in the week she organized a crew to meet at the Davidson trails for a long run and post run breakfast. I saw on Facebook that my buddy George "Monk" Linney had been out at the White Water Center so I shot him a text. A few minutes later we had schedule a carpool up to Davidson for our run. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg and AT&T for providing such great social media and technology outlets.

A good sized group was in attendance for the run that included Ms. Barrett, Mike Moran, the Mayes bros, Mr. Strickland and a few others. We all started out together running alternate laps of the outer loop and inner loop. I was feeling pretty good but the pace wasn't all that fast. Eventually, Monk and I pulled ahead and ran an hour before heading to the parking lot to grab water. We decided to get in 30 more minutes on the road, but about 5 minutes later both of us were not feeling too great. He headed back to the parking lot while I toured a side neighborhood. I turned and ran back into town but decided once I hit Main St. that my day was done.

I headed back to the parking lot at 16k and grabbed some water. I knew that Meagan still had several miles to run and to be productive I ran barefoot laps around the groomed grass field with Monk. It was a nice way to end the run strengthening the feet and running some strides. This is how barefoot running is supposed to be done. We put in just under 2k worth of work which will amount to less than 5% of my weekly mileage. None of this Vibram or 100% barefoot nonsense will be tolerated on this blog.

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