Wednesday, January 2, 2013

16 Degrees!

Time: 67:40
Distance: 16.01 km
Pace: 4:14/km

It's cold. Like not warm at all. Like freezing. I came back from my run this morning and had to move Meagan's car to the neighborhood so as to avoid the infamous Salem meter maids. I didn't believe the car's temperature reading when it told me it was 16 degrees. Surely the car wouldn't register the correct temp since it had been sitting outside all night. Nope. I checked my new Nest thermostat (it's awesome and I'll shamelessly plug it since it looks sweet) which said it really was 16 degrees outside.

(As an aside, that's how lame I have become. I asked for a thermostat for Christmas. Granted it's pretty cool in appearance and is ultimately really efficient. But, come on... a thermostat!? For Christmas!? Yup, that's what I've become. Fortunately, Meagan's parents are awesome and surprised me with it).

The run wasn't anything all that special other than the fact it was really cold and occasionally windy. I'm certainly not used to it yet and shouldn't be complaining too much as I know there are athletes training in MN and CO who deal with similar or worse conditions. However, I'm from California, soft and out of shape. So, I'm perfectly content to complain about leaving the condo in freezing, dark and windy temps.

I have a co-worker who came over tonight who wants you to know that, "Alex Dossin is the best ISR ever!" He wrote that and if you ever call Karhu or Craft to place an order, he might be one of the guys who answers the phone. You should probably call him and do just that, so my blog looks that much more awesome. Just think, if we called your place of business we would be talking to a machine...

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