Friday, January 4, 2013

Connecticut Sound 10k

Time: 43:29
Distance: 10.02 km
Pace: 4:20/km

I drove from Salem to Framingdale, NY in one shot this morning. I try not to do such long single stretch episodes because my hamstrings hate me for it. However, it was one of those drive where I was ready to pull off as soon as I hit traffic to grab coffee or take a break. It just never happened. Smooth sailing around Boston, through Hartford, through New Haven and Greenwich all the way over the Throg's Neck Bridge. It was unheard of and I was never forced to stop. So I didn't. I should be a trucker.

My showing in the morning went well and then I visited a couple of more stores in Connecticut, before deciding to lace up the Karhus. I ran out a little over a mile with the son of the owner and then continued my run. The wind was really intense from 3km until 7km, but I survived. It was fortunately above freezing otherwise the 20 mph winds would have been too much.

After the run I jumped in the car and drove another 2+ hours back to Salem. The total time in the car today had to be around the 8+ hour mark. At least I logged a couple of runs.

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