Thursday, January 17, 2013

Brightwaters Workout

Time: 64:56
Distance: 15.44 km

W/u: 28:18 for 6.43 km
W/o Target: 4 x 400m, 5km tempo at 3:15-3:20/km, 5 x 2 min
W/o Actual: 4 x 400m, 1km in 3:22, be frustrated
C/d: 22:13 for 5.36 km

I stayed at a shit hotel last night and had a hard time finding a decent place to eat. I ended up at the Peter Pan Diner which sufficed, but made me wonder why the state of New York loves its diners so much. They are everywhere and all have a menu that would put the Cheesecake factory to shame. Page after page of moderately priced, huge portions of food described in poor detail. I guess it's the American way.

My plan was to get up and get after it with a workout through the flat neighborhoods of Brightwaters. It's technically a part of Bay Shore, but I later learned you make it known if you live in Brightwaters. I struggled to find a parking spot and eventually had to settle for a yet to open Friendly's. All of the parks, causeways and lakes that I would soon be running around all had posted signs like, "No picnicking," "No parking anytime," "If you can't find a place to park, you don't live here, so go away!"

I got in a nice warm up and geared up for the workout. The 400s would open my legs and lungs up, the tempo would be some strength work and the final 5x2 mins would be the cherry on top.

73.1 (62), 72.7 (61), 74.5 (62), 71.7 (3:01);
3:22.0 for 1km and called it quits...

I let the wind get the best of me out there and used it as an excuse to stop. I also probably shouldn't have put a time goal on the harder efforts. On the cool down I had to consider if I just didn't have the ability to hurt anymore. Looking back on it now, I do want to run at a high level, but need to make the workouts more realistic. Given the wind, solo setting and colder temps, I was asking a lot out of myself with the current (lack) of fitness I have.

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