Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Salvaged Workout

Time: 77:57
Distance: 16.80 km

W/u: 28:14 for 5.50 km
W/o Target: 4 x 400m, 5km tempo, 5 x 2 mins
C/d: 11:14 for 2.25 km

The workout tonight called for some opening 400s to get the legs and lungs opened up, a short tempo for some aerobic work and then some hard 2 minute efforts to close things out on tired legs. The workout got shot to hell when we had to make a pit stop just before 2 km into the tempo. I had to adjust on the fly at the top of the hill on the Neck to try and salvage a decent workout.

84.3 (76), 84.6 (76), 80.8 (78), 83.5 (2:01);
3:33.8, 2:53.7 for .81 km
3:33.8, 3:35.2, 3:35.9, 3:33.5 for 38:29 total and 9.05 km

I wasn't happy to have to stop during the tempo but those things happen. I inflicted a little punishment by keeping the pace hard for a remaining 4km of work. I was pushing on the uphills trying to build a gap to see how Meagan would respond. She ran tough and was able to get in a good hard effort that will serve her well the next time she toes the line.

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