Friday, January 11, 2013

18 MPH & Syrup

Time: 38:25
Distance: 8.38 km
Pace: 4:35/km

A crew of Karhu North America employees headed out the door for a run at lunch. It was Meagan, Chris who works in customer service and Scott who handles our shipping/warehouse logistics and me. We ran a standard 6-8 km loop that runs around town and just briefly along Dane Beach. To keep the summer traffic in check, there is a speed monitor placed on one of the light poles.

On runs I have noticed it picks up my 8-9 MPH average pace when I'm on the far side of the street. I bet the group as we approached if I could hit 15 MPH. I don't think anyone in the group thought it were possible except me. Rule number one is don't make a bet you can't win. I was confident at being able to flash 15+ MPH on the sign. Plus there is a slight downhill which almost makes it an unfair challenge to make.

To the group's surprised, the sign flashed "18."

If that weren't a big enough victory on the day, a couple of minutes later I spotted a fresh bottle of Stop&Shop syrup on the ground. A full unopened bottle of genuine high fructose corn syrup syrup! My day couldn't get any better. A big batch of flapjacks is certainly in order this weekend.

I ran a few strides after the run to celebrate my speed and syrup.

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