Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week in Review

Time: 574:52
Distance: 131.65 km

Starting the year with just over 130 km (~80 miles) is a right where I need to be. The runs this week were all relatively easy and allowed me to gain some slight fitness. It was key being able to catch up with friends from Charlotte and meet some new running partners in the BAA. My biggest take from this week is that I need to run a little faster, a little earlier in my training runs.

Usually, I head out the door around 5:00/km (~8:00/mile) pace and it doesn't get down to 4:20/km to 4:30/km until the 5 kilometer mark. I don't think there is anything wrong with running slow on my easy days, but I do think I sometimes hover in that slower range too long. Also, I'm not running 80+ minutes every morning which would warrant running my preferred slower pace for 20-30 minutes of the run. However, I typically only run 60-70 minutes in the morning.

I have two options: 1) Run 20 minutes more in the morning and keep my normal pace letting me warm up very gradually or 2) Start my runs a little faster and get down to the 4:10/km or faster range earlier in the run and keep my same distance. I think option two will be the one I go with simply because of time restraints.

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