Thursday, January 3, 2013

Even Worse!

Time: 44:46
Distance: 10.39 km
Pace: 4:19/km

The cold got even worse. Today's run was a balmy 6 degrees. It wasn't nearly the coldest in the region so I shouldn't be bragging about how hardcore I am for lacing up the shoes. But, still! My face was frozen at one point about 35 minutes into the run after running into a headwind. It wasn't fun running, but I can say that I was out there.

I heard on the news that the temperature in Worcester was worst-er than Salem. It was reportedly a -17 when factoring in the windchill. No thanks! It's a good thing that I have a minimum amount of Finnish sisu and a maximum amount of Craft baselayers to wear. Yesterday's run of 16 degrees was balmy as compared to today's run. I certainly don't hope this is routine as typically some sort of tendinitis forms in my legs when running in such cold. However, it does feel a bit rugged when you get to boast about running in such frigid temps.

I should note that Mr. Garmin has been acting like a turd and hasn't been registering the first kilometer accurately. I have reported the figures according to the watch, but the opening mark was recorded at a clearly inaccurate 3:50/km. The run was probably off by 200 meters or so.

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