Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold Run in Rochester

Time: 68:13
Distance: 16.01 km
Pace: 4:16/km

I popped into Fleet Feet Rochester to ask where I could find a quiet neighborhood to put in roughly an hour of running. While yesterday's run was just cold, today's run would be cold and windy. I was given some instructions and sent out to find a route through the mostly cleared roads. My run took me off in the direction of Cobbs Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods. The first half of the run was mostly into the wind and I could only press on with a cold face waiting until the 8 km mark. It finally came and I turned around with a gentle push back to the store.

This week of cold weather and sometimes slippery conditions have forced me to pay a little closer attention to my calf and achilles. I could tell at the end of today's run my right achilles was feeling a little tender. It's something that I will have to closely monitor while the temps remain below 20 degrees.

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