Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pace Setting in Central Park

Time: 83:30
Distance: 20.37 km

W/u: 18:57 for 4.20 km
W/o: Pace Meagan and Sarah. 3 miles at 3:44-3:50/km, (1 mile at 4:20/km), 2 miles at 3:40-3:44/km, (1 mile at 4:20/km), 1 mile at sub-3:40/km
C/d: 15:01 for 3.27 km

I was a part of a large group of runners that descended upon Columbus Circle for a workout in Central Park. We had maybe 15 people and thought the group dynamic for the hard section would provide some relief from the 15+ MPH wind gusts. Turns out that most just were running easy and the only members doing the workout would be Meagan and Sarah with me leading the wind blocking duties.

Sarah, who lives in New York, provided the loop we would be running that tried to avoid the largest hills in the park. We started on a downhill section with the wind at our backs and I was given the instruction to not take us out too fast. Fat chance.

3:36.6, 3:40.5, 3:45.9, 3:41.7, 2:59.4 (for .81k)
(4:23.3, 2:42.9)
3:38.9, 3:39.7, 3:39.6, 43.0 (for .20k)
(4:25.1, 2:38.0)
3:31.2, 2:10.2 (for .62k)

The total running was 49:32 for 12.90 km (3:50/km average).

The girls ran tough into the wind while dodging others out enjoying the park. At times Meagan would get dropped and then battle her way back. It felt good to help out knowing the breeze probably would have slowed their efforts considerably during the second half of the three mile section.

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