Sunday, January 20, 2013

Central Park Group Long Run

Time: 117:53
Distance: 28.31 km
Pace: 4:09/km

We used Columbus Circle as the meeting point for this long run and had at least 15 people show up. It just so happened that Meagan and I were the connecting points of most people in the group. We were running pretty easy for the first 40 minutes and were just about to head up the first of the Harlem Hills when David Nightingale and I hit the front. With just a little injection of pace the group splintered into men and women.

The guys continued on and the pace gradually quickened, but never got out of control. It was great running with Jerry, Jay and some members of the Urban Athletics team through the park. Eventually the group got smaller as guys returned home or ran off to work. Jerry and I made a few smaller inner loops to fill the time before he took the train back to Queens and I continued back to the hotel.

My run was probably just over two hours and closer to 30 km, but I didn't time the section from the hotel to park.

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