Monday, January 7, 2013

Picking Up the VW

Time: 32:20
Distance: 7.10 km
Pace: 4:33/km

I picked up Ms. Nedlo from the airport this afternoon and worked from home. She had been away for just over two weeks which means our cat, Weezy, has probably forgotten her. I am now officially Weezy's favorite. It can't be denied at this point. Meagan will dispute this, but I know the truth.

After a few Turkish coffees in the evening, we suited up in our running costumes and headed off to the KNA offices pick up her vehicle. A coworker and I had used it earlier this morning to empty out the Karhu Airstream. Jyrki, Wes and Joe (drivers of the Bearstream) are lucky that the weirdest thing we found was a box of shoes filled with granola bars. The yellow box of goodies was mixed in with the regular footwear. It's a good thing we found the treats and didn't ship back to the warehouse. Their loss is our gain!

Meagan and I made it to her car just as Alex Dossin was leaving for the evening. If you call for some Craft or Karhu gear, it's likely you'll speak with "Doss the Boss." After a quick chat, we jumped in the whip and headed home just in time to sit in traffic. Brilliant planning on our part.

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