Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Run in Rochester

Time: 42:41
Distance: 10.05 km
Pace: 4:15/km

It snowed a little last night and I didn't want to risk running too much on partially paved streets. I only ventured out for a little over 40 minutes to get in my morning 10 km. I thought that I would run again in the evening with the Fleet Feet training group, but reconsidered when it would mean driving back towards MA in cold, wet clothes.

The run this morning basically repeated what I did yesterday simply because I knew the route. I slipped a little on the snow, but didn't notice anything alarming with regards to my achilles. I've really liked running in the new Flow Trail as it provides enough grip for the snow, has a waterproof guard near the toes and doesn't feel like most clunky trail shoes. Karhu might be onto something here.

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