Thursday, January 3, 2013

NRFTW: No Rest for the Wicked

Time: 55:09
Distance: 12.97 km

W/u: 20:36 for 4.61 km
5k: 17:12 for 5.08 km
C/d: 17:21 for 3.18 km

Every Thursday night in Salem there is a casual 5k group run called No Rest for the Wicked. The Wicked Running Club is the local running group and anywhere from 6 to 45 members show up for this weekly run/race. I enjoy showing up because it's free, there are people to meet, and pizza and beers are involved afterwards. I also find it interesting when some runners gun for a PR and end up getting it at "races" like this. It's run that Meagan and I try to make, but haven't been to in a couple of months. She is still out of town for work, but I put in a short warm up before finishing up at the Salem Common.

When Meagan is around I usually pace her for an uptempo type effort. On one occasion I think I set the course record when I dipped under 17 minutes. Tonight's plan was to run "minuters" for the duration of the 5k. I wasn't too worried with pace and just wanted to elevate the heart rate with some changing of pace.

All was going well until I took a wrong turn around the 2k mark and then penalized my mistake by running around the park instead of through it. My longer detour allowed the second place runner, a newbie to the group, to pass me until my next hard minute. I eventually caught and surpassed Rick, but it wasn't as easy as expected. Rick actually finished second to me at one of the few 5ks I raced last year in Marblehead. We later cooled down together and I need to find out if he's still training somewhat seriously.

It was good to get the legs turning over and the lungs opened up. I have to start putting in some quicker efforts, but balance the cold weather as I typically injure easily when it's frigid.

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