Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Harvard Parking Lot Workout

Time: 73:36
Distance: ~16.19 km

W/u: 18:39 for 3.79 km
W/o: 6 x 1km, 4 x 500m
C/d: 11:59 for 2.33 km

The first workout back for 2013 is in the books. It was rather light as the main focus was for Meagan and Emily to get in some more serious running. I obliged to drag them around the parking lot of the Harvard Athletic Complex aka the Sheatock Loop. It's a roughly 1200 meter loop that is mostly lit, ice and traffic free. There was a group doing 3 x 2 miles on the Harvard indoor track which might sound appealing except when thinking about it as 3 x 16 laps. No thanks! That's a hip injury waiting to happen for this guy.

The purpose of the workout was to see where Meagan's fitness is at going into a more speed based spring. I used it as a way for me to feel comfortable running uptempo and in control. We dragged a kicking and screaming Emily Kroshus out the door who, of course, is never nearly unfit as she says she is.

6 x 1km
3:32.9 (1:27), 3:31.3 (1:30),
3:25.0 (1:33), 3:26.7 (1:30),
3:24 (1:30), 3:21.5 (3:32);

4 x 500m (estimated by looking at split on Garmin)
1:39.8 (1:31) - 3:16/km pace
1:41.6 (1:31) - 3:15/km pace
1:38.6 (1:32) - 3:14/km pace
1:38.9 - 3:13/km pace

It was a solid workout for both Meagan and Emily. I felt comfortable leading them through the opening intervals. The paces fluctuated just a little depending on the wind and how hard we started off the line. I don't think Meagan is any less fit than she was a few months ago and Emily has to be one of the toughest runners I know.

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